Mike Russell

Mike Russell’s been involved in comedy since he joined the LOCALLY renowned University at Albany’s Sketchy Characters in 2006.  The Sketchies were an Improv, Sketch, and Stand up comedy club that he would eventually become president of for two years.  During this time he miraculously dodged impeachment despite diving through the Secretary’s bedroom window on the third floor.  Though an impeachment would’ve been quite ironic!

Since moving to the city Mike Russell has completed both Sketch and Improv programs at the Upright Citizens Brigade and his application for Advanced Study was denied for not one but BOTH programs.  But hey, now UCB Academy is a thing!

Mike Russell is currently CoHost on the hilarious podcast “The Songtopsy Report” with fellow comedians and performers Nick Brigadier and Steven Trollinger.  This podcast is dedicated to the dissection of the worlds worst music and diving into the depths of what the artist was thinking when creating this music, getting the origin stories of these monstrous atrocities, and of course figuring out how and why these songs died.

Featured Work: