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Nick Brigadier

Nick Brigadier is a writer, director, editor, actor, and co-founder of Dapper Devil Productions. He is the host and producer of The Songtopsy Report podcast and most recently wrote, directed, and edited the Dapper Devil horror/comedy short film Chad is Not the Killer.

As a performer Nick was featured in the acclaimed interactive NYC theater show Accomplice: The Show for two seasons. He’s also a graduate of the Upright Citizens Brigade and performed improv on the indie team Mommie Dearest for about 200 years.

He also co-wrote, directed, edited, and starred in the web series Subletters and served as the Directory of Photography and co-star in the most recent Dapper Devil web series Dairys of our Lives.

You can follow him on Instagram or Twitter. You can also see all of the videos he had a hand in editing/directing by checking out the Dapper Devil Productions Youtube channel.

Featured Work: